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Cleaner and flux remover for PCBs

Kontakt PCC

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200 ml

Cleaner and flux remover for printed circuit boards

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Cleaner and flux remover for printed circuit boards. Special mixture of organic solvents, free from CFC and HCFC. Comes with an add-on brush-type spray head.




KONTAKT PCC is a special cleaner for removing flux remains and dirt on printed circuit boards having the following characteristics:


• High cleaning power due to its special solvent mix
• Quick and residue-free surface drying
• Firm and time gaining cleaning due to the brush-type spray head
• Compatible with markings and colour codes


Kontakt PCC results in clean printed circuit boards and hence in high surface resistivity, low leakage current and good adhesion of conformal coatings.




KONTAKT PCC is used to clean printed circuit boards and other electronic components. It is also used before and after soldering and repair works and in the preparation of the surface


prior applying conformal coatings or protective stickers.




• The aerosol can has been fit with a brush-type spray head to help the cleaning by mechanical means. The aerosol can be used in an upside-down position (360° valve) for hard to reach areas. As carbon dioxide is used as propellant it was possible to fill the aerosol can with ±95% active product.
• For minor cleaning operations it is possibly enough to rinse the printed circuit board withKONTAKT PCC. Brushing of course supports the cleaning. To remove residues of flux, first wet the brush and than spray the product on while brushing with a gentle pressure over the printed circuit board. In doing so, hold the board as vertical as possible and work, from top to bottom. For optimum results, it is best to re-rinse the surface with KONTAKT PCC.
• If a “whitish deposit” forms on the printed circuit board after cleaning, this might mean there was probably a coating present which has been partially dissolved by KONTAKT PCC. In this case a perfect appearance is restored to the circuit board by coating it with our conformal coating PLASTIK 70.
• KONTAKT PCC has been tested for compatibility with PCB materials, solder-stop varnish and electronic components. In particular it has been found that colour codings are not damaged by KONTAKT PCC. There are only a few very sensitive plastics which are attacked by KONTAKT PCC. These include, for example, polystyrene and polycarbonate. Compatibility with such materials should be tested on forehand.
• As KONTAKT PCC contain flammable solvents, all sources of ignition should beremoved. Do not spray on life equipment.
A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EU directive 91/155/EEC and amendments is available for all CRC products.


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Cleaner and flux remover for PCBs

Cleaner and flux remover for PCBs

200 ml

Cleaner and flux remover for printed circuit boards

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