includes the required material, products, equipments, chemicals and consumables for a mechanical, Body and Painting Shop.

Painting There are no products in this category.


  • Primers

    The category includes 1C fillers, plastic fillers and epoxy fillers.

  • Top Coats

    The category includes topcoats whit wide variety of auto colours.

  • Industrial Paints

    includes paints and sub materials for industrial applications

  • Putties

    the category includes well known putties such as polyester putty, ga putty, spotters.

  • Hardeners

    the category includes fast and extra fast harners for the paints and the fillers.

  • Thinners

    the category includes thinners which are slow and fast

  • Lacquers

    The category includes lacquers which are high gloss, medium gloss or .....

  • Masking

    includes masking material, equipments and its ancillaries for masking systems, working areas and inside vehicles such as folio, paper, tapes etc.

  • Ancillaries

    The category includes antisilicone, antistatic and plastic additives and cleaners

  • Body and Paintings...

    includes tools, equipments and ancillaries necessary for Body,Painting, Mechanical Shops.

  • Filled Paints,...

    Filled Paints and Varnishes