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Dust Free Dust Remover


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300 ml

Dust Free-High pressure dust remover.

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High pressure dust remover.
CRC Dust Free is a high pressure liquid gas blend that removes dust and cleans with a powerful jet of dry inert gas. It prevents errors, downtime and damage caused by microscopic dust in electronic devices, data processing equipment, servo-mechanisms, cameras, etc...
• Essential for all cleaning operations where liquid solvents are inappropriate.
• Helps to eliminate failures occurring when fluids (water, oil mist ...) are trapped in dust or dirt.
• Blows away lint, oxyde particles and dry contaminants.
• Moisture-free source, replacing laborious and expensive compressed air cleaning.
• Provided with an extension tube for precise application.
• Harmless to plastics, coatings and delicate components.
• Non oxidising.
• Leaves no residue or condensation.
• Non-flammable gas.
• Magnetic tape heads.
• Printed circuit boards.
• Miniature assemblies.
• Optics and lenses.
• Precision instruments.
• Laboratory equipment.
• Timers.
• Communication equipment.
• Data processing equipment.
• Servo-mechanisms.
• Carburettor and injector orifices.
• Cleaning of fiberglass cable connections.
• Can must be held in upright position when spraying. Do not tilt more than 30°.
• For best results, use the “quick shot” method aiming at the contamination to be removed. After multiple or continuous application, allow some time for the internal pressure to be restored.
• Use extension tube for precision applications and hard-to-reach areas.
• Use CRC Contact Cleaner for greasy, oily and sticky contamination.
• A safety data sheet (MSDS) according EU directive 93/112 is available for all CRC products.


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Dust Free Dust Remover

Dust Free Dust Remover

300 ml

Dust Free-High pressure dust remover.

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