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Label remover


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200 ml
Label remover.

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Label remover.
Solvent mixture based on natural terpenes, free of CFC’s and HCFC’s.


LABEL OFF 50 is a solvent specially designed for the removal of self-adhesive paper labels.
LABEL OFF 50 penetrates the label paper and dissolves the underlying adhesive. Most paper labels can be removed easily in one go after only 2 minutes without damaging the underlying surface.
The action time of LABEL OFF 50 is over 15 minutes. Therefore in case of mass-production, a multitude of labels can be sprayed. The solvent evaporates after some time without leaving a trace.

LABEL OFF 50 can be used on many materials : metals, many kinds of plastics, glass, removal of labels from delicate cardboard packaging or paper without leaving traces (please follow the directions). It removes:

• address and production stickers from drums, cans and cardboard boxes
• identification labels on shelves, drawers or warehouse containers
• labels on spare parts and tools
• price indicating labels on glass, china, ceramics, furniture
• laboratory labels on flasks and bottles
• adhesive and label residues on labeling machines

LABEL OFF 50 is very good at dissolving many sticky substances. It is therefore ideal for removing tree resin, chewing gum and tar. Also adhesive remains following the removal of a label, can be dissolved and wiped off.


  • Spray labels generously with LABEL OFF 50. Most labels can be pulled off after approx. 2 minutes. In difficult cases waiting time can be extended to approx. 15 minutes. If adhesive is still stuck to the substance after the label has been removed, spray LABEL OFF 50 on a (paper) cloth and wipe off the adhesive residue.
  • If LABEL OFF 50 is used on plastics or varnished surfaces it is essential to carry out a resistance test before use. The label remover is not suitable for objects made of polystyrene or polycarbonate.
  • For small labels we do recommend our product SOLVENT 50 SUPER. This label remover is equipped with a dosing brush.
  • LABEL OFF 50 is a powerful degreasing agent. If it is to be used in large quantities, appropriate protective gloves against skin irritations should be worn. The work area should be well ventilated.
  • As a spray LABEL OFF 50 is highly flammable, the bulk product is flammable. Machinery and working areas must be equipped accordingly.
  • A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EU directive 97/112 is available for all CRC products.


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Label remover

Label remover

200 ml
Label remover.

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