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Insulating and Protective Coating


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Insulating varnish for printed circuit boards. Acrylic based

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Quick drying, colorless transparent insulating and protective coating based on novel acrylic resins.
•PLASTIK 70 SUPER is a low viscosity, solvent drying acrylic based conformal coatingwith excellent insulating properties. The lacquer is colorless transparent and elastic. It
resists to extreme temperatures in the range from –40°C to + 125°C.
•Perfect protection and insulation in hot/humid environment.
•PLASTIK 70 SUPER is colorless-transparent and as such is not visual on the printed circuit board surface.
•Contains a pigment that gives a fluorescent blue glow when exposed to UV light.
•Without silicones.
•For repair works PLASTIK 70 SUPER can be soldered through or be totally removed with Kontakt Chemie THINNER 70
•PLASTIK 70 SUPER can be used for retouching boards coated with KF 1280 ND.

PLASTIK 70 SUPER can be used in applications such as aeronautics, marine, aerospace,telecommunications, electronic materials, automotive electricity etc.
PLASTIK 70 SUPER is used as a durable protection on all electronic assemblies which have to resist extreme climatic conditions.

• For small runs and service applications, the easiest way to apply PLASTIK 70 SUPER is from an aerosol can. Spray from a distance of 20 to 30 cm on the dry and degreased surface. As pre-cleaning of PCB’s, we do recommend the use of KONTAKT PCC to remove greases, dirt and flux residues. When finish ed spraying, clean the aerosol valve by turning the can upside down and pressing the button until only propellant escapes.
• For serial production runs, PLASTIK 70 SUPER in bulk can be applied by brush or by dipping. For spraying, two parts per volume PLASTIK 70 SUPER is diluted with up to one part of Kontakt Chemie THINNER 70. The exact mixing ratio must be determined by trials with the equipment concerned.
• For dip coating it is also necessary to fix the immersion time and the withdrawal speed.The faster the removal from the bulk, then thicker the film will be. Dipping baths have to be carefully protected to ensure no entrapment of conductive stuck-on residues.
• PLASTIK 70 SUPER contains solvents like butyl acetate. Printed circuit board materials and electronic components generally have a good com patibility with these solvents. In case of plastic surfaces (e.g. housings) a compatibility test is always recommend. It is necessary in particular, to test its suitability for plastics susceptible to stress cracking (e.g. polycarbonate).
• PLASTIK 70 SUPER contains flammable solvents and hence when working with the product, make sure there is good ventilation in the workplace. Remove all possible ignition sources.
• A safety data sheet (MSDS) according to EU directive 91/155/EEC and amendments is available for all CRC products.


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Insulating and Protective Coating

Insulating and Protective Coating

Insulating varnish for printed circuit boards. Acrylic based

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